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Virtual Meetings

Zoom Support for Students

Please check out the video that Ms. Mueller created to log in to Zoom.

If you and your students are unable to join Zoom, please fill out our Google Form. Someone will be in contact with you regarding your issue.

Click on the link below to learn how to join a SlzUSD Zoom meeting.
Student Zoom - English

Student Zoom - Spanish

Student Zoom - Chinese

How to join Zoom through Google Classroom - Video English 
If you are still having difficulties, try to join Zoom this way. Don't sign in with your Google Account, go to the grey waffle for quick easy access! 
If you are still not able to get into Zoom, watch the video below to try a different method. By using an SSO to sign in you will never receive the message that says you are an unauthorized user. 
How to use Zoom Chat - Video English 
It is important that all students participate during class. If you are unable to use your mic, please use the chat feature. The video below shows students and families how to use the chat feature in Zoom. 
How to raise your hand, or use reactions in Zoom - Video 
During class, you may have an important question. At school, you were able to raise your hand, and in Zoom, you can also raise your digital hand! The video below shows students and staff how to raise their digital hand, display different reactions during a Zoom meeting. 
How to join a breakout room in Zoom - Video 
Teachers may ask students to join a breakout room to work in groups, for extra support, or to have a quiet space to work. Below is a video that shows students and staff how to join a breakout room, and how to ask your teacher for help while in a breakout room.