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School Site Council / English Learner Advisory Committee 
Attending School Site Council (SSC) is a perfect opportunity to learn about how our school is managed and how we spend some of our school funds.
Some of our SSC topics include the following:
Our school categorical budget, school plan, parent education workshops, and curriculum. Come and learn how you can be a member!
Families are invited to attend English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) where members will be nominated and elected for positions within ELAC. English Learner programs that are in place at our school to help our English learners make academic progress will be discussed.
See you there!

You can check our events calendar to see our upcoming SSC and ELAC meeting dates.

Thank you for your continued support of the school and dedication to your kids' education.

SSC Agenda/Minutes:
ELAC Agenda/Minutes:
Parent Engagement Policy (eng):
Parent Engagement Policy (spa): 
School Compact (eng):
School Compact (spa):
School Plan for Student Achievement:
Official Member Roster
Principal: Gwendolyn Rehling
Chair: Gemma Neri
Vice Chair: Amber Vijeh
Secretary: Lorena Ruiz
DELAC Rep: Julia Vasquez
Student Reps: Zahara Sufiq, Lesly Rubalcaba
Members at-large: Maria Fregoso, Nicole Sandoval, Jeff Gentile