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Welcome to Ms. Dean's Teacher Page

Mimi Dean has a degree in art as well as environmental studies and the love of our planet and helping sustain it for future generations is the driving force behind her creative curriculum. Mimi loves to get the kids thinking outside the box by engaging them in fun fact filled learning experiences where they can turn junk into funk!

Inspired by
Not me, Us.”- Bernie Sanders.  I am inspired by our Earth and the many beautiful people that work to make it a better place.

San Francisco State University, Geography and Environmental Studies.

District Tools I Use 

I take attendance using Aeries. You can stay on top of attendance through the Aeries Family Portal or Aeries App

Report Cards 
I use Aeries to generate report cards. Families can view report cards through the Aeries Family Portal.

Aeries Gradebook

Sangha Interactive App
I will be relying on the Sangha app to communicate with families in a protected, password-protected environment.  Please download the app and log in using the parent-guardian email that was used for enrollment or data confirmation.

Google Classroom
I am using Google Classroom to manage assignments.  If you would like daily or weekly digests of activities and missing assignments, I can invite you as a guardian.  Please email me with your request and email address.

Other Tools I Use
Environmental Art and Sculpture Classes - We use all kinds of tools including drills, saws, exacto knives, glue guns, rulers, foam cutters, T squares, compasses, and sanders...to name a few. We like to discover hacks, like drawing circles using a string and a pencil, so we can creatively solve problems. All students go through safety training before using any of these tools. Safety is a priority in our workshop. We also use the Computer Lab, Room 6, for all kinds of research,  art, and computer skills.

Yearbook Class
Our class is held in Room 6, the Computer Lab. Most of the time the kids are using Adobe Photoshop Elements to create yearbook pages. They also learn to use a digital SLR camera and take photos for the yearbook. Kids get to use the button makers to make beastly buttons after the yearbook goes to the publisher.