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African American Family Council (AAFC)

A group focused on advancing the achievement of African American students at Bohannon. This group also advises the School Site Council and provides input to the principal on how best to support African American students at Bohannon. 

What is the African American Family Council? 

This is the first year of the Bohannon African American Family Council (AAFC).

We hope to provide a forum to hear the ideas of the Bohannon's African American/Black families and respond to those ideas by educating and informing parents of district resources, policies, and programs.

It is our goal to empower the lives of all African American/Black children and families by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to advocate for a high-quality educational experience for our children.

The AAFC works to develop resources that allow families to more actively support the academic instruction their children receive and engage with educators and administrators at Bohannon Middle School.

Please join us for the first AAFC Meeting on October 28th from 6:00-7:30 via Zoom. We will be joining the district meeting.
 Click here for the flyer and more information.
We look forward to seeing all families there.
NewsELA - AAFC Class 
We want to support families and students having conversations about current events using reliable resources. We currently have a NewsELA subscription and created an AAFC Class with articles regarding Black Lives Matters, politics, and influential African American figures. Please use the instructions below to join our AAFC Class, by using the code RF694C