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On Campus Information

Class Schedule 

*Any student who is in On-Campus learning must complete their self-assessment before coming to campus. http://bit.ly/bmsstuscrn 

Monday 5/30

Tuesday 6/1

Wednesday 6/2

Thursday 6/3

Friday 6/4

No School Memorial Day

Odd Day Online

Even Day Online

Odd Day Online

Even Day Online

3rd Period - OC

4th Period - OC

5th Period - OC

6th Period - OC

On-Campus Information - For students who have registered

If you are a student who will be returning to On-Campus learning in the afternoon, before arriving on campus make sure you have the following:

  • Reusable water bottle; or regular water bottle
  • Facemask 
  • Chromebook - if your Teachers let you know you will need it for the afternoon.
  • Any school supplies you feel you may need. Teachers may also ask you to bring back supplies. 

If you have PE as your afternoon class, make sure you come already dressed for class.

Student Self-Assessment

Bulldogs if you are coming for On-Campus instruction, please make sure you have filled out the Self-Assessment form below. You can also go to http://bit.ly/bmsstuscrn to fill out the form as well.